Bandidas (Commercial Drive)

My friend Beth Snow and I were chatting on GTalk earlier on Sunday, and she tweeted that she had a hunkering for Mexican food. Despite my vast knowledge of the state of the Mexican cuisine in Vancouver, I hadn’t tried any restaurants in the geographical proximity of the neighbourhood where she was located. So, we went back and forth thinking about where to go for an early dinner. We thought about Las Tortas on Cambie and 17th, but settled for Bandidas.

Bandidas for dinner with Beth Snow I’m glad we did, because (a) it gave me an opportunity to try a new restaurant and write a review and (b) allowed me to try a new Mexican (or sort-of) place, particularly one that has only vegetarian options, as well as (c) hang out with Beth, with whom I rarely spend enough time, although we chat on Twitter and GTalk all the time.

Bandidas for dinner with Beth Snow I recently told a few of my friends that, contrary to common misconception, Mexican cuisine is primarily vegetarian. The main staples of Mexican cuisine are, as accurately indicated in the Wikipedia entry, rice and beans, although chiles are also an omni-present element of Mexican dishes. Well, Bandidas very smartly exploits the nuances of Mexican cuisine and adds a few changes here and there.

Bandidas for dinner with Beth Snow Someone wrote on Yelp that Bandidas is kind-of granola-munching, hipster central. It kind of looks that way (all due respect to hipsters). But that doesn’t detract at all of this place. It’s really good. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The burrito I ordered was the Ronny Russell (with roasted yams and onions, fresh guacamole, black beans, green salsa, purple cabbage, & pumpkin seeds).

It was important for me not to order anything with cheese (which I hate) nor sour cream (which is bad for my stomach as I am lactose-intolerant). As for the food itself, the burrito was REALLY big and filling. I’m glad I chose it over the tacos. While flavourful, I wasn’t really excited until I added a bit of salsa to it. Admittedly, I continue to like Mexican food the way I was brought up – with lots of spice and chile. Both Beth and I were full around 3/4 of our respective burritos (she ordered hers with cheese, though), but we were brave and finished them all.

Overall, I now know why Glenn Gaetz, Hilary Henegar, Stephen Hui and Paul Jarvis rave about Bandidas. Add me and Beth Snow to the long list of Bandidas fans.

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Comments (3)

BethMarch 8th, 2010 at 8:18 am

Definitely Hipster Central (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). I was really glad I hadn’t eaten lunch and had gone for a run yesterday because, like you say, even though I was full, I couldn’t stop eating that delicious burrito (especially with the added hot sauce)! I’ll definitely be going back.

Hilary HenegarMarch 8th, 2010 at 9:42 am

What are you doing eating the burritos at Bandidas when you could be scarfing down their delectable handmade tortillas, brother?! For real, the tortillas here are pillowy soft and absolutely addictive. Get 4 Camillos next time – seriously, you’ll thank me!

Oh, and FYI, you can order your tacos sans lactose and they’ll hit you with their vegan sour cream, cultured in house!

Here’s our review:

Stephen HuiMarch 9th, 2010 at 9:38 am

Glad you liked it. I particularly enjoy the nachos.

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