Tomahawk Barbeque (North Vancouver, Capilano)

Tomahawk for brunch with Arieanna, Ianiv and Aiden I had been trying to get together with my good friends Arieanna and Ianiv Schweber for a long while, and our schedules had been just next to impossible to mesh. With the beginning of the semester, teaching took an insane toll on me. Also, the Olympics just completely borked my schedule too. So, this weekend I made an executive decision: come hell or high water, I was leaving my Saturday and Sunday mornings free to ensure I could go out for brunch with Ianiv, Arieanna and their baby Aiden, who is now 4 months old (and still has the most beautiful blue eyes!)

Tomahawk for brunch with Arieanna, Ianiv and Aiden We finally had a chance to get together this past Saturday (yesterday) so we met up and went for brunch. Arieanna and Ianiv took me to this place in the Capilano area of North Vancouver that is apparently legendary and an institution for brunch. They were slightly surprised I had never been, given that I write so much about food and that I eat out a lot, but it’s always nice to try out new places. I’m at 100% batting score when I go out with Arieanna and Ianiv, as I’ve tried Bin 941 and Deuce with them and I’ve had fabulous meals. I figured that just by virtue of pure statistics we would keep our score at 100%. Arieanna and Ianiv were right. The Tomahawk is GREAT.

We arrived at The Tomahawk Barbeque close to noon, and while it was almost completely packed, the hostess made sure to speed up our seating. We waited barely 5 minutes and we had a table. The waitress was super kind in bringing almost immediately a high chair for Aiden, although we did not need it at that particular time.

Tomahawk for brunch with Arieanna, Ianiv and Aiden

Since it was my first time there, I ordered what I figured was the feature, most distinctive item of the menu (the Yukon breakfast). At $11.65, it’s more expensive than a few other Vancouver brunch spots, but not much more than say, IHOP or Denny’s. It’s definitely around the price of what the same dish would cost at The Well on Main Street).

The Yukon breakfast contains

Five generous slices of Yukon-style bacon. Two country-style eggs served fried or scrambled, a heaping portion of golden-griddled hash brown potatoes, and two thick slices of Klondike toast.

Tomahawk for brunch with Arieanna, Ianiv and Aiden
The eggs, while not as fluffy as I am used to at Crave and other restaurants alike, were really good. And who can say no to bacon, even if it is back bacon? Mmmmm. Bacon. The carafe of orange juice ($12) is not really inexpensive, it comes on the high side of pricing. The hashbrowns could use a little bit less oil, but overall, it was a really good brunch. I didn’t feel hungry at all until about 6 pm!

I would gladly come back, and I am very grateful that Arieanna and Ianiv took me there for brunch, as it was actually a very good experience. And on top of that, I got to hang out with two of my best friends and their baby! What else can one ask for? Good food, good friends, good conversation.

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Comments (2)

Derek K. MillerMarch 7th, 2010 at 10:46 am

Ah, the Skookum Chief burger. Legen…

…wait for it…


Liesa BillingsMarch 7th, 2010 at 12:44 pm

I agree with Derek… The Skookum burger is legendary you should have that next time! I love the banana cream pie there too it’s so delicious. In the summertime their strawberry pie is amazing. The crust taste exactly as I remember it as a kid. I grew up in N Vancouver and we went there about 5 times a month… Then later hung out at the counter drinking coffee and eating pie. So good and glad you went there!

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