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The first thing I do either on the night of the last day of the month or during the first day of the month is to plan for the month ahead. I look at my Google Calendar and examine which days I’m going to be teaching, which days I’m going to be devoting to consulting, to working on my research, when I’m supposed to be travelling and where, what talks I’m supposed to be giving and which projects I’m supposed to be devoting time to.

Since we are already in March (end of Q1 or quarter 1, as people call it), I do a double-whammy examination. I plan for the month, but I also plan for the two other time frames I am working on (namely, the 4 month time frame of the semester that is about to end, and the six-month frame). For example, today, no matter how late I stay at my office, I will set my goals towards this month, the end of this semester (4 month semester, or term), the next semester and June 2010.

It helps me to break down my project tasks depending on the timeframe. So, for example, my teaching I structure it around terms. My coaching clients, I structure their activities on a 6 month schedule. My research, I plan on a yearly and 6 month basis. And my consulting, of course, is planned around the short- and long-term goals. Of course, I prioritize the tasks that are more urgent, and break down the plans I make up to the weekly level.

And yes, this month, I do plan to make sure to publish some more productivity tips!

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