Tacos Mexico Rico(Downtown Vancouver)

Tacos Mexico Rico Naturally, I love good Mexican food. And naturally, I love going out for lunch with my friends. Combine both and find me a location close to my office at The Network Hub, and you’ll definitely have a happy Raul. A couple of days ago, my good friend Jay Catalan (one of the cofounders of The Network Hub) invited me for lunch to Tacos Mexico Rico. This restaurant is actually rather close to our office, and we had been meaning to go there and try the food (there’s another Mexican restaurant near by, La Taqueria, which I’m not sure if I’ve reviewed on my blog, but if I haven’t, I will soon).

IMG_1393 The food at Tacos Mexico Rico is fairly authentic Mexican. I will admit, this is a tad surprising to me. I have eaten at Latin American restaurants where the owners are Salvadorean or Nicaraguan and they cook quasi-Mexican food. In this case, I will say that this is, indeed, authentic Mexican cuisine. I ordered a torta de pollo (a chicken sandwich, $ 5.75) and a Sopa Azteca (Aztec soup $ 5.50), both of them sizable portions.

The Sopa Azteca wasn’t as red as I remember it should be (which probably means it didn’t have as much chile as the traditional recipe calls for, nor enough tomato). It was flavorful, though, as was the torta. I recall La Casita’s Sopa Azteca is more traditional than Tacos Mexico Rico’s, but I won’t complain. The prices are fairly affordable, compared to similar Mexican food places around the Vancouver area.

Within reasonable commute (e.g. one or two Canada Line stops) and still within the downtown core, I would probably go more often to Salsa and Agave, Don Guacamole, or even La Casita. But Tacos Mexico Rico won’t be far down in my list of where to go for inexpensive and tasty Mexican food. If you are downtown and in the neighbourhood of Homer and West Pender, you *should* drop by for a bite to eat at Tacos Mexico Rico.

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Rob CottinghamMarch 8th, 2010 at 11:37 am

I love it there, especially on a cool rainy day – utterly unpretentious atmosphere (okay, maybe to a fault), there’s always room, and you’ll leave full of Mexican-food goodness.

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