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My dear friend Rob Cottingham (Social Signal) alerted me to the Power The Games Facebook app. Rob mentioned that Power The Games is a Facebook application that they created for BC Hydro with the help of the fine people at Work at Play (David and Mandy Gratton from WaP are dear friends of mine too, so I’m delighted to see this collaboration).

BC Hydro Power Smart VillageAs mentioned by Rob, the idea’s simple: when you install Power the Games, you commit to cutting your electricity consumption by 10% this year… and dedicating your energy savings to powering your favourite event at the 2010 Winter Games. You also get to take part in Daily Challenges: one-off actions that hopefully can turn into durable, ongoing conservation habits. Every day has a new challenge, from draft-proofing your home to greening your workplace. The goal is to give British Columbians a way to express their pride in holding the Games with the lowest-ever carbon dioxide emissions, and have some fun doing it)

Moreover, it’s great that this app allows y ou to passalong some practical tips for cutting your energy footprint! BC Hydro has a strong social media presence, with a Facebook page and now a Twitter account for the Power Smart Village (which I will be checking out later today). If you are on Facebook, I would encourage you to Power The Games with the app.

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DavidMarch 2nd, 2010 at 10:27 am

Sorry I didn’t comment earlier, Raul. Thanks for drawing attention to the project. I think the idea that Rob and Alex came up with was really innovative. We are actually applying the thinking behind Power the Games to a number of other projects we are undertaking.

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