Timbre (Commercial Drive)

Both Emme Rogers and me have resolved this 2010 to do more exercise. As you may have noticed, I’ve mentioned on this blog before that I recently decided to start swimming again. I’m building my cardiovascular strength and resistance again and thus I really need to do as many walks as possible. Recently, Emme and I have been walking around the Commercial Drive neighbourhood and have found ourselves in the proximity of Timbre.

Caesars and Mojito at TimbreLocated on Commercial Drive and about 5th Avenue, Timbre is a cool bar/restaurant. I was a bit disappointed with how loud it got. We arrived at 5pm, and it was ok, we didn’t have much of a problem to find a seat (it was not packed). The drinks were strong and well served, in fact Emme’s Caesars looked like lunch in a glass. Very tasty. I was quite impressed with the quality of the mojito they serve at Timbre.

We didn’t stay there for dinner, but for the drinks, it was good. I wasn’t impressed with how loud it got, but come to think about it, the whole bar seems to be sports bar/”come watch the hockey game” kind of place. So, if that’s the vibe they want to give it, good for them. I might swing by back sometime soon.

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Dave MacdonaldFebruary 7th, 2010 at 4:37 pm

I like Timbre. It’s loud, but the style leaves a different ambiance regardless. It’s in my neighbourhood – let’s grab a drink there sometime when there isn’t hockey or UFC going on. :)

Dave MacdonaldMarch 13th, 2010 at 11:08 pm

So I went back to Timbre last night and I think it’ll be my last visit.

The service was beautiful, but incredibly inconsistent. I ordered a half order of nachos and when a full order arrived the server just gave me a look as though it was my fault and took it back without explaining what the solution would be. When I talked to her at the end of the night, she said that the thing about Timbre is that it’s laid back and they go at a “Timbre pace” – whatever that means. It really put me off with so many other options around.

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