Prioritizing tasks

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The beginning of the semester has proven extremely challenging for me. It’s been a long while since I’ve taught 2 undergraduate courses and 2 college-level courses. I’ve struggled this week to stay afloat. My class sizes are relatively large compared to what I was used to, and even though I had spent a substantial amount of time preparing for this new semester, I still haven’t had much time to breathe. This got me thinking…

What productivity tip can I share on how I’m adapting to being on top of my teaching, my consulting, my research AND all the additional (volunteer) work that academia brings (like peer-reviews for journals, giving feedback to my fellow researchers on draft papers, etc.) – well, I prioritize tasks.

For example, I hadn’t given much priority to blogging or social media events these past few weeks. I figured that, if it was a case of “if you don’t write about this the opportunity will be lost” I would have needed to make the time. But for example, there are some events that have happened this week that I’ve been invited to and that I would need to attend to start ramping up again my blogging and my involvement in social media.

But now that the first few weeks of teaching craziness are almost over and that the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics are right here, my plan is to get back on track with my daily, 3-5 blog posts. I will definitely not be able to attend many media events, but those that I do, I plan to give my very best. I have also prioritized attending theatre and art performances (I’m a big supporter of our local theatre/dance scene) and of course, my dancing and my exercising. So, now I’m shifting priorities again. Hope this helps you!

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