In between the corporate and the academic life

I survived first week of back-to-university-teaching.

This past week I had a taste of what my life is like when I have just about everything going my way. I have been doing a lot of teaching (I teach 2 university-level and 2 college-level courses), research (although this has been a bit stalled thanks to the fact that I’ve been feeling a tad overwhelmed and under the weather), consulting (which is going really well) and I still had some time to do social media stuff, although as I mentioned before, my blogging has suffered as I haven’t really had the time to write as much as I usually would do (up to 3 posts a day). On the flip side, I’m just recovering from three weeks of pretty bad sleep. I spent most of this past weekend having naps.

I was on the 99 B-Line today and it occurred to me that this kind of life is one I actually enjoy a lot. I love having days when I am fully immersed in the university/academic experience (like most of Monday, Wednesday and Friday). However, I also really enjoy my Tuesdays and Thursdays, when I do mostly client work (although I teach on Thursday afternoons too). I do research later during the day and in the evening, and I’ve been slowly gearing towards dancing and volleyball again.

Both worlds (the corporate and the academic) appeal to me, and I enjoy them both enormously. This is the kind of stuff that excites me – shaping people’s minds with my teaching, doing sound scholarly research and providing solutions to my clients. A year ago or so, I might have lamented not having done the whole tenure-track assistant professor life. But, right now? There’s not a single thing I have any right to complain about. Things are going extremely well.

Except, of course, for that pesky rain ;)

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