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If you are like me, you probably have tonnes of little “Post-It” stickers where you have scribbled notes, thoughts and ideas. Since I am a bit of an organization nerd, I usually stick those Post-It’s in the pages of my logbook, wherever they may fit and whichever project these notes may be associated with. I had four work-related meetings before ringing the New Year.

While sitting in one of these work meetings, I realized that I had brought my 2009 project logbook along with me, while I started making notes in the 2010 project logbook. I realized that, while I like the idea, it’s rather impractical to be bringing along two logbooks with me to every meeting in January. So that made me devise the next-best idea (and a productivity tip I wanted to share). Collating the notes from the previous year’s logbook.

My 2010 logbook has already been started, but what I have done is divide my 2010 logbook in the following categories:

- New Projects (Proposals)
- New Projects (Ideas)
- New Clients (Prospects)
- New Students
- 2009 Summary
* Current Research Projects
* Current Consulting Projects (and Clients)
* Current Coaching Clients
* Current Teaching Assignments

As you can see, I have devoted one of the sections of my 2010 logbook to present an overview/summary of the 2009 projects (consulting, coaching, students who need to be graduated, students who are graduating, students whom I’m still mentoring, research projects I’m working on, grant proposals that need to be finished, etc.) – I have broken it down into the different sub-areas that I work in so that I know exactly what needs to happen in the following months.

I share this tip with you in hopes it will be of use for you as we launch this wonderful 2010. All the best!

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