Kenzo Power (cologne review)

This is a review I did as a guest writer for Lip Gloss and Laptops. The original post is here (thanks Airdrie for inviting me to review this fragrance!).

kenzo power In previous episodes of the Lip Gloss and Laptops podcast when I’ve been a guest host, I have reviewed a couple of colognes alongside Kerry-Anne and Airdrie. This time, I am reviewing Kenzo Power, again another cologne from the Kenzo family that is not the one I normally use (L’Eau de Kenzo Pour Homme) – this cologne is Kenzo Power. The first time I tried it I went out in the evening. As soon as I sprayed a little bit, I was reminded of two other fragrances I have used before: Farenheit 451 and Tuscany (by Aramis). The high notes, same as Tuscany, include bergamot, coriander and cardamom. These aromas alone are enough to overpower any sensitive nose. I’m not someone who is easily swayed away, or overpowered. But I definitely did feel that Kenzo Power was a tad too strong.

When I first used Tuscany by Aramis (which shares the bergamot high note and a coriander middle note with Kenzo Power) I remember I thought of myself as someone powerful and strong. This vivid sensation was re-ignited when I tried Kenzo Power. I tried it a second time for an afternoon gathering, and tried a little bit less of the fragrance. While still a tad overpowering, Kenzo Power was better this time, and I had a chance to smell more in-depth the base notes (which include cedar wood). This cedar-y aroma makes Kenzo Power a great fragrance for outdoors gatherings, as well as quiet evenings at a local modern lounge.

Overall, I probably won’t be using Kenzo Power for my day-to-day, consulting and teaching activities. But I’d be more than happy to use it for an outdoorsy evening, or a night at a club.

This cologne review was not paid for, I have received no payment to write it. I have previously reviewed colognes on this blog, in particular those from the Kenzo house. Should you have any concerns or questions, feel free to inquire via my contact form. Also, if your company is interested in providing samples for review, contact me as well. Please be aware that providing a free sample does not constitute in any way, shape or form an unqualified endorsement nor does that guarantee that I will provide a favorable review. At all times, I retain editorial control.

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