A quick word of appreciation to the theatre community in Vancouver

This 2009, I’ve been very lucky in that many local companies, both very established and indie (Pacific Theatre, The Arts Club, Bard on the Beach, Fighting Chance Productions, Machine Fair, amongst many others) have invited me to attend their fantastic shows. Even better, they have been willing to sponsor tickets for my readers. I’ve been lucky to give away many pairs of tickets for my audience and that’s been really great because I love being able to provide value to my readers and to the artistic companies as well.

I am well aware of the recent budgetary cuts to the arts in British Columbia, and while I am not a person who usually engages in protests and movements (I study them, I don’t participate in them), I was more than happy to stand besides the people who protested at the Vancouver Art Gallery a few weeks back.

I’m a trained dancer, I’ve been a stage actor and thus I feel very much part of Vancouver’s artistic community. In particular, to my theatre friends, just a few words of gratitude – THANK YOU.

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