Circa Restaurant Lounge (Granville Street, Downtown Vancouver)

So I went to Launch Party Vancouver 8 the other night. The party itself was fantastic, something that should not be a surprise to anyone. The folks at Strutta and the Bootup Labs Entrepreneurial Society really know how to throw a party. That said, I was faced with the most expensive martini I’ve received ($ 14). Admittedly, there are more than one lounge in Vancouver that serves martinis in the $10-15 range. However, the martinis I’ve drank at those lounges are WAY better than this one. And I *knew* from the get-go that I was going to pay $ 15.

Now, the thing that really irked me was that the bill was totally a surprise to me. I bought a drink for myself and I asked the bartender for a martini. She did a 1 oz gin and tonic for Chris, whereas she prepared a mixed drink with two shots in a martini glass without a stem. Sure, you can say that I could expect to pay a bit more for a 2oz, but to charge me $7 for the first shot and $7 for the second shot is really something that surprised me. A 2 oz martini usually will go from $7 (at Cafe Crepe) to $14 (at say, Voya). But … dude, Voya martinis are like, REAL martinis.

I don’t usually rant about how expensive a drink is, unless I think I was charged without my consent or without being informed or when the drinks is badly made. Really, if I want good, solid and well-made martinis, I have a HUGE selection of places to go (there’s for starters 1181 and Delilah’s). Circa Restaurant Lounge will definitely NOT be the place where I’ll get my next drink, that’s for sure.

The catering for LPV8 was really well done, so I won’t chide them on that. The food was fantastic. The service? Impeccable. But not having a drink menu where I can see how much I’m paying for a 1 shot and 2 shot drink and then be charged that way? Um, that’s a no no. This is not the first time that something like this (“hey you want me to make you a martini?” and then double-charge me) has happened, so I’ll be more careful next time I’m out drinking with friends.

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