Vancouver Latin American Film Festival

vancouver latin american film festivalI think it’s no surprise to anyone given my name and last names that I’m from Latin American roots. Moreover, I think with all my film coverage that you can tell that I am a huge promoter of film festivals in Vancouver. In particular, I am a big fan of the Vancouver Latin American Film Festival. My dearest friend LB (now Dr. LB, as she recently defended her PhD in Political Science, looking at a Latin American country as her research case study) and I were always looking forward to attending VLAFF. She and I spoke in Spanish frequently and we loved watching Spanish-language films together. Alas, she is now in Ottawa and I will have to go to VLAFF with other friends (but i’ll be thinking of LB too).

Arrancame la Vida While I sadly was unable to go to the opening night of “Arráncame la Vida” (a Mexican film, delightful, starring Ana Claudia Talancón and Daniel Giménez Cacho, and with a screenplay based on the Angeles Mastretta story), I will definitely make an effort to check some of the VLAFF. My understanding is that this year’s focus country is Chile.

Also, for my readers, stay tuned because I’ll be giving away free tickets for some of the films. Arráncame La Vida is the official Mexican nomination to the Oscars, and I believe it should win, it’s a beautiful film.

The trailer to Arrancame La Vida is shown below. You can get tickets to the VLAFF by following this hyperlink. I’m really tempted to check Lake Tahoe (not surprisingly, a Mexican film). But honestly, every single film shown offers a great opportunity to delve into Latin American film. If I could watch all these films (if I had the time) I would!


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Ron StrandMarch 22nd, 2011 at 1:45 pm

Is there an Arentinian film to be viewed soon

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