Shine (Musical theatre review)

MIC-DRESS-MED The Vancouver theatre scene is just amazing, let me tell you. Greg and I were talking about this while having a drink at the Backstage Lounge just before entering the theatre for opening night of Shine, a wonderful burlesque musical production. Fair warning – burlesque, by its very nature, this type of musical production does have some degree of nudity and coarse language. And yes, there was full frontal nudity.

But the most important element was, in my view, the fact that this amazing production was able to bring the audience to their feet, clapping, singing along and giving a standing ovation for over 10 minutes. The storyline shows the intertwined lives of several burlesque has-beens, wannabes and potentials, attempting to resurrect a derelict theatre and a seemingly dead career in musical theatre. Every member of the cast is powerful and the singing is fantastic (although at some points, I could tell that the voice of Noelle Pion overpowered that of almost every other member of the cast – she is simply amazing). Cass King shines as (coincidentally) Shine Mionne, the main character and owner of The Aristocrat, the theatre she’s trying to save (along with the close-knit family of artists).

Shine does indeed shine, it’s a wonderful musical and I have to thank the production team for inviting me to see it, frankly as I have mentioned before, I only recommend things that I myself would have paid to see, and I’d definitely drop the coin to see Shine again. Very much worth it. Warning – it has nudity (full frontal), coarse language and A LOT of references to Vancouver. The fact that it is so well adapted to Vancouver and it does so many references made it even more fun to see.

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Carmen BorthwickAugust 17th, 2009 at 6:14 am

Great review! I know what you mean about Noelle’s voice, it is amazing.

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