The Hush Now’s new album: Constellations

A few months ago I had the opportunity to interview Boston-based indie band The Hush Now. Recently I received a copy of their latest (second) CD, Constellations. For those of you who haven’t had the chance to explore the music of The Hush Now, I would strongly recommend you to do so.

Their second album, Constellations, has a very peculiar flavor to it. While I can easily recognize the happy-go-lucky sounds of Constellations (my favorite song of this album), a tad reminiscent of Slow Wax, although as some others have posed, they also have some similarities to Death Cab by Cutie (who recently came to Vancouver).

I was lucky to find a video of Constellations played live (at the WTSR Concert Series). This is by far my favorite song of the equally named album. For your listening pleasure, here is The Hush Now.

This second video is a fan-entry to The Hush Now’s video contest, with the song Pining (from their first album). Pining is my very favorite song from that album (even more than Vancouver, a song that Noel wrote while on a short stay here). Here is Pining.

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