International Paralympic Day (July 11th, 2009)

Credit: Beth Snow

Credit: Beth Snow

I was fortunate enough to be invited to an appreciation event of Canadian Paralympic athletes which was held in downtown Vancouver (on one of the nicest rooftops I’ve been to while I’ve lived here). The event brought together a number of media outlets and bloggers (Gus and Beth were there too). The fact that Beth and Gus were there made the event twice as special. It’s hard to look at these world-class athletes and NOT be in awe. Their competitiveness and fierce outlook on life is what has taken them where they are right now.

Credit: Beth Snow

Credit: Beth Snow

We were also very fortunate to have a small chat with Sonia Gaudet, a wheelchair curling Paralympian, about her training. Observing these amazing athletes I realized how much people whine about the current state of affairs. Yes, we are in a recession. Yes, things aren’t looking up. But these athletes are making not only the best of their condition, they are NOT letting the fact that they acquired a disability get in the way of their athletic performance. I also would like to note that this was my very first time meeting such fine athletes and I am very proud (even if I’m not a born-Canadian) to have such talented individuals represent the country I call home now. Their individual stories are extremely powerful and incredibly empowering. Thank you, and let’s celebrate together International Paralympic Day!

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[...] International Paralympic Day. I was fortunate enough to go along with two other Vancouver bloggers Raul and Beth and experience the skills of some of our top Paralympic [...]

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