Cologne review: Tokyo (Kenzo)

Credit: Herrolm

Credit: Herrolm

It’s kind of ironic for me to review Tokyo by Kenzo before reviewing my actual favorite from the Kenzo family (L’Eau Par Kenzo Pour Homme). But I had been sitting on these cologne reviews for too long (I most recently reviewed La Nuit De L’Homme (by Yves St. Laurent) and I had already spoken about two of the Kenzo variations (Tokyo by Kenzo and Kenzo Power) when I last guest-hosted for Lip Gloss and Laptops. I had also reviewed Euphoria for Men (from the Calvin Klein house) and have a few other colognes in my draft entries. But for now, Tokyo by Kenzo will have to do.

My first impression when I first wore Tokyo by Kenzo was the feeling that I was in the fast-paced, always bright and shiny capital of Japan. I have to admit, full disclosure, that I don’t particularly love Tokyo. My heart was broken by a historian who formerly studied Japanese Nichiren buddhism and Omotokyo, and who lived in Tokyo for over 18 months, so it’s sometimes kind of hard to disassociate myself from those negative memories.

That being said, Tokyo by Kenzo maintains the freshness of the Kenzo family (L’Eau Par Kenzo Pour Homme, my usual morning-mid-afternoon fragrance is one of the freshest colognes you can find). Contrary to L’Eau, Tokyo is intended to be worn in the evening/night. It has very strong woody notes (the high note was a bit overpowering for me). The middle and deeper notes had some ginger (as advertised on the Kenzo website) but I also found some hints of flowery scents (couldn’t quite capture what it was) and some citrus notes (clearly, keeping with the theme of the energetic city).

While I strongly approve of Tokyo by Kenzo as a night cologne, I definitely doubt I’d be wearing it in the near future. I have a broad range of colognes that suit my epidermal chemistry much better, like Envy (by Gucci), Drakkar Noir, Eternity (by Calvin Klein) and my trademark Herrera for Men (by Carolina Herrera). That said, I would strongly recommend Tokyo by Kenzo if your personality suits (i.e. if you are a man who likes going out at night and be flashy, bold, energetic and fun).

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SJuly 4th, 2009 at 4:43 pm

The right cologne can make an undesirable desirable. Men who wear Issey Miyake or Dunhill make me swoon. I can’t get enough. But too much of the wrong cologne definitely makes me gag.

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