Ideas on Tap June 2009



Ever since I started socializing with the Vancouver tech community I’ve become a fan of Ideas on Tap, the recently resurrected event that 6S Marketing (Chris Breikss’ company). The last installment was put together last week but I’ve attended previous versions too. With Marc Smith (Amuse Consulting) as the event organization sponsor, this was a great event where I got to see many of my good friends. It was arguably the largest social media/tech event that I’ve ever attended, and the 60 second pitches were a lot of fun. My good friend Rebecca liveblogged the event and you can find her post here (along with a couple of photos of Rebecca and myself and Gary Jones and myself).
Credit: 6S Marketing

Credit: 6S Marketing

Again, this time I was the “Designated Drinker” for Gary from BlueFur (though don’t even think for a minute that alcohol was overconsumed. Not at all!). This time, Ideas on Tap followed up on an idea of mine and accepted digital tickets to prevent wasting paper (800 tickets at one page a ticket it would have been well, a bit of a waste). Kudos to Chris, my friend Jenn Lowther and Marc for a great event. I look forward to the next one!

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