Bluewater Adventures Boat Trip

Credit: Rebecca Bollwitt

Credit: Rebecca Bollwitt

Yeah, twice in a row I’ve been on a boat this week. But this time, it was an experience that was also much more intimately associated with what I do both professionally (as an scholar of environmental studies) and personally (I love nature adventures). A small number of local bloggers (myself included) were invited by the good folks of Bluewater Adventures on a short (3 hour) boat trip around Indian Arm, on the North Shore. This is not traditionally their route (as they travel to the Queen Charlotte Islands, coastal British Columbia and South East Alaska amongst other destinations), but they wanted to showcase what they do and I think I speak for everyone in saying that we had a fantastic time. As many of you know, I am a big fan of local businesses, particularly those that have overarching sustainability goals that are embedded in their day-to-day practices. Bluewater Adventures is the first carbon neutral eco-tourism adventure company (I know for a fact that they acquired their carbon offsets from Offsetters, a local Vancouver non-profit company that helps companies become carbon neutral by offsetting their emissions through donations to projects generally focused on carbon sequestration and/or other carbon minimization strategies).

Deep Cove brunch I was kind of disappointed to hear that this local, environmentally-focused adventure travel company wasn’t more well known in the local community, but I would like to believe that our coverage (Colleen‘s, Rebecca‘s, John‘s and mine) will help somewhat raise their profile, as the company is very much deserving of kudos, in no small part for their commitment to sustainability, carbon neutrality and eco-tourism. We boarded the Island Odyssey around 4:30pm at the municipal dock of Deep Cove (one of my absolute favorite destinations, as you may have read previously on my blog) and headed up Indian Arm. We toured the Indian Arm and were given an extensive descriptive tour of the beautiful surroundings we were witnessing. For wonderful photos of our adventure, check Rebecca‘s and John‘s Flickr streams. For me, this was also a bit of a lesson in history as Rebecca gave me a few tidbits here and there on the history of the region, particularly when we were crossing the area near Buntzen Lake, a hike I’ve wanted to do for years (maybe one of my readers/fellow bloggers would like to join me in a Buntzen Lake trip).

For pricing details and a thorough overview of bookings and spaces available in the 2009 calendar of BlueWater Adventures you can click here. Thanks for the invite and for the awesome tour!

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