My recent Social Media Club Victoria talk: “Towards an Action-Focused Agenda for Social Change Using Social Media” (#smcvictoria) @smcvictoria

I mentioned on my blog a few weeks back that Catherine Novak had kindly invited me to speak to the audience at the Social Media Club Victoria’s monthly gathering. I was more than delighted. It was such a great experience. Very good for my soul, provided me a chance to feel renewed and recharged. Thanks to Greg and Pat Aspa who were my kind hosts overnight, and to everyone I met there. I really should come back soon. In the mean time, for those interested in knowing what I spoke about, here is my (Creative Commons licensed – Non-Commercial, Non-Derivative, Share-Alike) slide deck. I don’t have the time to publish a crib of my talk, may do that sometime soon, but not now. Enjoy! Comments always welcome, of course.

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chris heuerJune 8th, 2009 at 1:20 pm

very good Raul – thank you for this

a few thoughts…

slide 4, would add in attitudes

slide 6, thinking about this one a bit more, it seems like a modification to a traditional how policy changes social behaviour graphic could be a good visual story – to show that what was before the ‘communications’ realm of the process is now replaced with social media that includes marketing, collaboration, conversation and traditional communication

slide 15, I will hopefully publish something later this week about what I am calling Social Performance Indicators (already used to judge organizations relative to their focus on serving the community, I have different idea in mind) – shhhhh dont say anything until I write the post ;)

overall very good Raul, thank you for sharing, hope it gets some more people to take action!

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