Guest post by Jane Sterk – Leader of the Green Party in British Columbia

Following the model of my previous interview with Premier Gordon Campbell, I opened the forum to both Jane Sterk and Carole James to answer my interview questions. Here are Ms. Sterk’s answers. Thanks SO much for answering my questions!

Credit: Greens For Allen

Credit: Greens For Allen

Q: Give me 3 reasons to vote for each one of the other parties (NOT to vote for yours).‬‪

I certainly cannot recommend that you vote for the other parties or give you reasons to vote for the other parties. If the Green Party was not running I would not vote. There is one thing that the other two major parties here in BC have that the Green Party does not have – experience in government at the provincial level although I personally have municipal government experience. Of course, the experience of these parties is both a good and a bad. ‬ The Green Party is a newer and smaller than the old political parties. As such, we have significantly less political baggage or special interests to which we are beholden (for example, the Liberals have many big business connections and the NDP have many big union connections). So, although we are untested in government, we are ready to enter the BC Legislature as MLA’s beholden only to the citizens that elected us. I would like to encourage each citizen of BC to consider the various parties positions and track records and to vote for the one that best represents your values – the one that you think will work hard to build a better BC. The Green Party platform may be found at ‪

Q: Explain to me what the main differences you see in your platform as opposed to the other parties‬

I think there are two things unique about the Green Party that are really becoming explicit in this election:

(1) our understanding of the connection between a healthy environment and a healthy economy and

(2) our commitment to a new kind of politics.

First, we understand that a healthy environment and a healthy economy go hand in hand. Our 2009 Platform is based upon this basic insight and you will find that our practical solutions are designed to ensure we see genuine prosperity for generations. Because we think long-term, we work hard to bring in ecological tax-shifting, to diversify our energy production, to invest in education, and much more.Second, we seek a new kind of politics. We recognize that the negativity of the partisan bickering between the two parties in power – the Liberals and NDP – is turning people off politics and leading to poor governance. We are proud of our ability to embrace good ideas that come from either the right or the left and our eagerness to work with other parties for a better BC. We hope that you will consider voting for BC-STV in the referendum to ensure we can move toward more positive politics in BC.

‪Q: Explain to me your social media strategy, long term.‬

One of the key principles of Green politics is Participatory Democracy. We understand that this means an active engagement of citizens through multiple mediums and through mediums that are a part of their everyday lives. In other words, the communication needed for a healthy democracy needs to be understood as taking place within the information-sharing infrastructure of our day-to-day lives. Mobile communication technology is revolutionizing how people communicate and our methods of campaigning (as well as our methods of staying in tune with the political will of BC citizens while in government) is changing. We Greens are campaigning on facebook and twitter and I have a YouTube channel, but much more needs to be done. We are excited about the possibilities of policy development through wiki’s and the potentials for flash referendums. Advancements in communication and transportation technologies have dramatically changed our society in the past 15 years. As a result, the nature of government is changing and it is an exciting time to be involved in making it happen. The most important thing is that citizens get involved and work together for a more healthy and prosperous BC.

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nancy (aka money coach)May 11th, 2009 at 8:05 pm

What I wouldn’t give to be in BC and vote green! And isn’t that an interesting, innovative idea: “flash referendums”!

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