A newfound appreciation for North Vancouver

It’s no secret that I love North Vancouver, and there are good reasons for such adoration. A number of my close friends live in the North Shore, and I always love to come and visit and hang out when I need to clear my head. Downtown is always brimming with people, and frequently I feel as though I’m somehow in New York. Given that my office is downtown, at The Network Hub, I am pretty much surrounded by people ALL the time. Sometimes, even East Vancouver feels too overwhelming (I know, this sounds completely NOT like me, but at times, even though I love people, I also need to disconnect completely).

There is a unique charm to the North Shore. The combination of increasingly densified urban development with the charm of older single-family dwellings, the eclectic mixture of restaurants, small businesses and residential units makes North Vancouver an exciting municipality, in my humble opinion.

North Vancouver Lower Lonsdale

I recognize that I have only explored bits and pieces of the North Shore. I’m a frequent visitor to Deep Cove and the community of Panorama. Hiking towards Indian Arm is a highlight in my book of adventures. Having brunch at Arms Reach Bistro accompanied by a sweet mango martini is also fantastic.

Deep Cove brunch

Lynn Valley and Lynn Canyon have also provided me with a number of opportunities for adventure and bonding with my close friend JT. The suspended bridge in Lynn Canyon is always a pleasure to walk through.

Lynn Canyon Park (North Vancouver)

Hanging out in Lower Lonsdale is also very good for my soul. There’s always Lonsdale Quay and the Quay Market where I can go and buy some fresh fruit and sit by the pier and watch the beautiful view of downtown Vancouver.

North Vancouver Lower Lonsdale

I will be in North Vancouver for most of this week, as luckily I have only one evening event (Wednesday evening, even though I’m quadruple-booked, I’m going to just attend two of the events. And I have a full day of day-meetings on Monday, but the rest of the week, looks like I’ll be a North-Vancouverite.

North Vancouver Lower Lonsdale

I would be happy to organize a lunch-time or coffee Tweetup for those of you who are based out of North and West Vancouver.

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Comments (4)

L BillingsMarch 7th, 2009 at 6:16 pm

I grew up in North Vancouver. Lived in Deep Cove, Lynn Valley, Upper Delbrook and so on. Even though I adore livingin Steveston I want to live in North Vancouver again. Close to Lonsdale. I worked as a teenager in several restaurants around 13th and at the Raven Pub in Deep Cove. This was 24 years ago. I recognize every picture you posted.

I used to spend lots of time at Cates Park playing guitar as a teen, picnicking and so many elementary school sports days.

Thanks for reminding me of such a beautiful place.

Gwyn TeatroMarch 7th, 2009 at 7:25 pm

I am currently in Sedona AZ. We came here to get away from the wet/snowy weather but your photos remind me why we live in North Vancouver.
When we get home in early May I know that I will be SO looking forward to being around Mt Seymour again.
Thanks for the reminder :)

RobMarch 7th, 2009 at 8:52 pm

Um Raul, the is an unwritten rule on the north shore. Don’t tell anyone how awesome it is the live there. I quickly found this out when I moved from Vancouver in 1996. If someone asks what it’s like we say, “I guess it’s okay.”
But seriously, being close to good schools for our kids and feeling like we’re in a real family community that looks out for one another is the biggest reason why we chose to move here. The other reason is that we still very much like DT and go to as many events there as our babysitter’s schedule will allow us.
I would love to get together sometime for a tweetup. DM me!

LauraMarch 8th, 2009 at 10:30 pm

Awww, I live on the North Shore and I wish I could join you for a tweetup but I work across town! Boo. Let me know if you’re doing an evening one though. I would love to join in if I’m free that evening.

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