Liveblogging Northern Voice 2009 – I’m EXHAUSTED!

Credit: Tyler Ingram

Yes, that's ME live-blogging using Cover It live - Credit: Tyler Ingram

The first thing I ever liveblogged was the January 2008 Vancouver Bloggers Meetup (VBM). One year later, I came into Northern Voice 2009 as the Organizer of the VBM.

A month after my first liveblog, in February of 2008, I met Rebecca Bollwitt (Miss604), whom as you all know, is a phenomenal liveblogger and has been a role model, a good friend and mentor for a long time now. My second liveblog was a Net Tuesday (where, funny how things go, the central point was Web 2.0 and sustainability, both topics I’m passionate and knowledgeable about). It was actually Rebecca who encouraged me to liveblog that session. One year and lots of social networking events and platforms later, I have accumulated numerous liveblogs (including almost all the sessions of WordCamp Whistler 2009, several of the Vancouver indie/alternative Olympic Games media conglomerate discussions).

Several times, Rebecca has insisted that I don’t have to write word-by-word what people say, and I shouldn’t liveblog out of a sense of duty, only do it if/when I feel like it. I liveblogged a vast majority of the Northern Voice 2009 sessions I attended (I was there both days) largely because I felt it would be important as a contribution to the community at large. Also, I liveblogged several sessions simply because my very close friends were presenting at (including one of the session where Rebecca, Linda, Nadia, Jenn and Monica were in).

I know that Rebecca could very well have pulled off liveblogging her own session, but through time we’ve become very good friends and she knows that, if I am physically able to attend a talk she gives and liveblog it, I will definitely do it (I have done it several times, including both WordCamp Vancouver and Fraser Valley). I like to be there for my friends. And I figured that liveblogging the sessions I attended would be helpful for those people who were not able to make it or couldn’t take notes due to being focused on the talks. Nevertheless (and Rebecca had told me this too), I knew it would be just a matter of time before I got exhausted/sick. Yesterday, I almost had to throw up out of exhaustion. Today, I took a 3 hour nap.

I have several reflective thoughts about Northern Voice, but I can just summarize them as – I had a phenomenal time. Met new people in real life that I had only met on Twitter (and I met Steward Butterfield and Nora Young, both of whom I admire enormously). Had a chance to attend some wonderful sessions. Also, I spoke at MooseCamp about a topic I am passionate and knowledgeable about (social media to raise environmental awareness). I would say that my Northern Voice 2009 mission was, most definitely, accomplished.

Things that I think are emanating gradually from Northern Voice -

- We need more time for each session.
- We need to create/organize a MentalHealthCamp. The topic is too important to have such little amount of time dedicated to it.
- Some people (thank you guys) tweeted that they would have wanted more time for my topic (environment and social media). I’ll pitch that for next year, rest assured.
- Even though these sharing methods evolve organically (video-recording, Qik-streaming and live-blogging), I think next year we might need to split responsibilities and pretty much voluntarily assign ourselves the sessions. Today, between Rebecca and myself, we covered and liveblogged pretty much 66% of Northern Voice sessions (we managed to attend different sessions each time). Tris also liveblogged a lot of sessions (including mine – thanks Tris!)

Thanks to Ianiv who also Qik-streamed, Dale who recorded on video, Derek, Peter, Tyler, Pat and everyone else who took photos all, and to all of the volunteers, organizing committee, sponsors, speakers, attendees.

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tofufightingFebruary 21st, 2009 at 10:18 pm

And a huge thanks to you too. Your work and your insight is very much appreciated. And I’d love to be on board to organize a mental health camp.

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Nancy WhiteFebruary 23rd, 2009 at 3:20 pm

Raul, it was fabulous to meet you and experience all the energy, light and love that you brought to NV, as well as all the prodigious live blogging. I remember liveblogging the first few years of NV, then wore out!

I never got to ask you about your home country? Brasileiro?



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