Vancouver Twestival is 2 days away – enter the Strutta Twestival video contest!

You may have noticed on Twitter that I was asking for help editing a video. Well, now I can reveal why I need the help. I want to be one of the lucky winners of the Vancouver Twestival contest that our friends from Strutta are launching. In sixty seconds or less, tell us why you use Twitter, and what you have to say about Twestival? Rebecca’s post about the contest is here, and make sure you enter the video contest! There’s lots of sweet prizes to be won!

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[...] Raul’s post this morning on the Vancouver Twestival contest reminded my that I had neglected to post about it, and we’re one of the two sponsors (doh)! [...]

JordanFebruary 10th, 2009 at 11:19 am

Looking forward to your entry, sir!

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