WordCamp Whistler – Dave Thorvald Olson on “Are You Worthy”

Dave O is speaking about blogging as delivery of content. His talk is kind of the “rounding the event” kind of keynote. Dave is doing some story-telling, which I absolutely adore. He is taking us to Guam and speaking about Jerry Garcia. Weird topic, but I am sure everything is going to tie together. DaveO quit his job and then decided to move to San Francisco (following “all the answers”).

DaveO is such a wonderful artist and storyteller! He is basically telling us his story of how he got into the Internetz and the whole business of social media. His first slide is giving us the bullet point list – in learning about the Internet, he realized that this was the whole element that was missing. There were tensions or syndromes. The first puzzle is distribution. Artists making stuff getting it to people who are interested in reading. How can you transfer these bits of information to the people who want to consume it?

Helping educate other people about how to do different things. Dave O is going to show us the last two artifacts that close the loop and the whole story.

There are logistical, legal and social challenges. He has now moved on to The Odyssey (yes, the greek mythology story). So now he is going to read a passage of Agamenon’s journal, returning from battle. Different parts and elements to writing.

Who were the monks translating for? Other monks.

I interrupted my liveblog because it’s such a great story telling exercise, it’d be a pity to miss his talk. Back with a recap later.

SUMMARY – Looking beyond the platform. Have SOMETHING to express (which ties to my suggestion to Lorelle, a WordPress tip – focus on the content). Now DaveO shows a Venn Diagram Awesome (X) intersecting with Audience (Y). Your goal is to end up in the middle (at the intersection of writing awesome stuff AND deliver it to your audience).

Putting the blog back into blogging.

Intersection of Awesome and Audience DaveO

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