Restaurant review – The Reef (Main Street)

I have NO CLUE how I have managed NOT to write a restaurant review of The Reef (located on almost King Edward and Main Street). A Caribbean hangout, the food is really good (you can find anything with a Jamaican or Caribbean flavor) both for dinner and for brunch. For dinner, I always recommend the jerk chicken AND of course, jugs of mojito.

I’ve been visiting The Reef much more in recent weeks, particularly for brunch. The brunch menu is somewhat exotic, affordable, and tasty. I love their scrambled eggs with chorizo. The service is really good, and it is one of those rare places where you can have brunch on Sunday without having to line up (I damn sure hope I won’t be in a line up, I always have bad luck when I write good reviews for restaurants – they start to pack up!)

I had recently the pleasure of having brunch with Tanya, Gus and MJ one day and another day I went there with H, C, A and D (all of them civilian friends). Both days I had a wonderful time. I hope to be able to visit The Reef more often, since I do live in the neighbourhood.

I would strongly recommend The Reef to anybody who wants good lunch and/or good dinner. In many ways, it’s better positioned simply because it has a nice patio, great and friendly staff and wonderful food.

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jackieDecember 23rd, 2008 at 8:24 am

My husband and I ate at The Reef a couple of weeks ago, it’s been on our list to visit since moving into the Main Street neighborhood. The food was great ~ beer, plantains, yummy burger and those corn muffins were to die for!!
Unfortunately the service didn’t equal the food in quality or quantity ~ it was nearly 10 minutes since we were initially greeted after being seated, and we had to get their attention for another round of beers, there was no quality checking of anything on their part, we had to wave them down for the bill once we were finished, and to even pay the bill. I would definitely go back for the food, it was awesome, but it’s hard to get over really bad service.

deganDecember 29th, 2008 at 5:34 pm

I’ve been to the Reef on Main several times and it’s pretty awesome. Next up is needing to try the new(ish) one on Commercial and see how it compares, yay.

DaleDecember 31st, 2008 at 10:43 am

I haven’t been to Reef for a long time so can’t comment on the service. When I used to go semi-regular it completely depended on the server. Totally agree with Raul on the chorizo and eggs. The pork tenderloin is also a personal favorite. And love those Johnny cakes!

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