Nightmares and bad sleep

While I do try to sleep normal hours, I’m always a night owl. But I still manage to have productive, normal 9-5 days. That was up until two weeks ago. Though I did talk about it on Twitter, I don’t think I posted about the fact that I almost had my apartment broken into (with me inside) about a week and a half ago. This experience left me with a brutal shift in my sleeping patterns and a feeling of worry.

After the attempted break-in, I really have been having problems sleeping regular hours. Obviously, that leaves me exhausted and walking like zombie rather frequently. After my quick shopping trip last night, I thought “I’ll just have a 30 min nap before heading out to Gus and Russ‘s place for a few cocktails”. This was at 6.45pm. I woke up at 10pm. Slept through my alarm clock.

I didn’t want to force myself to stay awake or head out. I figured that I need to sleep normally again, and I was feeling ill by 10.15pm. Woke up today very early (5.45am) but at least, I had a good night of sleep. I do hope I will now be in a normal sleep cycle. For all of those overachievers or workaholics (I confess I used to be included in this group) who say that sleep is overrated, I tell you this: sleep is a crucial element in a person’s life.

I do feel embarrassed for having missed an occasion that was really important to me and that I had been looking forward to for a few weeks. But my body is definitely taking a toll by me not having good, restful nights. Good thing the holidays are coming up!

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LauraDecember 14th, 2008 at 7:54 am


OK I think I understand a bit about your reasons for not sleeping a bit better. I suffer from something similar. I have already given you some hints on twitter about establishing a sleep routine. But when its night terrors that are causing the sleeplessness – writing is the best thing to help.

Routines are important. As well as no caffeine, and no sugar after a designated hour (for me its 2pm- I at least try).

No naps are also important. In fact, the only time I try to escape the no nap rule, is after acupuncture (when I cant fight it) and when I am sick.

I make sure I keep a journal by my bed – so if I do manage to sleep and wake from a night terror – I am able to write about it, and my feelings. If I feel uneasy before I go to bed, I write in the journal as well – or I blog about it.

If you find you cant sleep at all. Get out of bed. Do not stay in bed, and TRY to sleep. It doesn’t work. Someone suggested that I go outside every hour and take pictures of my street – and look at the changes, either in traffic or light. I find that helps. It also gets me to stop worrying about whatever I have been worrying about.

Maybe you can try something similar. Quieting the mind also helps. And listening to ambient music. My favorite being Music For Airports, by Brian Eno – I fall asleep sometime during the first part now.

I hope some of these suggestions work for you. I understand there is a really great sleep clinic at UBC – if I cant help, maybe they can.

GusFDecember 14th, 2008 at 9:46 am

Sometimes Raul, you have to listen to your body and just take it easy. Your body usually has a way of telling you it’s time to sleep and shut down for awhile. I know I have a habit of always waking up just before 7am, even on the weekend and no matter how late I went to bed the night before. (example this morning up at 7am, and went to bed just before 2am). I will probably feel terrible for the day, but for me a good nap helps me out.

I have to agree with Laura, if you can’t sleep or wake up in bed, move to another room to get some sleep, that usually helps me as well.

Sorry you missed the party last night, but I’m sure there will other occassions in the future.

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