Restaurant review – Gojo Little Africa (Commercial Drive)

Degan and I had been talking about hanging out in a less-crowded, more low-key environment and talkin about Ethiopian food. My readers might remember that I am an absolute die-hard fan of The Red Sea Cafe on Broadway and almost Fraser Street. But I’m always up for trying new places and the only restaurant I hadn’t tried that served Ethiopian food was Gojo Little Africa.

Gojo Little Africa

Located around 12th Avenue and Commercial, Gojo not a really tiny place, but since that area of Commercial is somewhat darker and less illuminated, you could easily blink and miss it. I was actually very happy with the place as it is spacious, very nicely decorated and well illuminated.

We ordered a veggie combo and a yedoro wat, which is one of my very favorite dishes (a spicy chicken stew) to share.

Gojo Little Africa

The food was great and while neither of us were hungry afterwards (we were actually quite full), I still have my money on The Red Sea Cafe. The portions are bigger there, but again, we didn’t really end up having to order more food. I’ve tried almost every single Ethiopian restaurant in the city and I still love Red Sea Cafe. Of course, my second and third choices would definitely be tough ones, as Fassil, Gojo, Harambe and Addis Cafe are all excellent.

After finishing our dinner, Degan and I spent some time talking about the possibility of having a dinner with the rest of the Vancouver food bloggers, which I am sure would be a lot of fun. I am hoping to organize this in the next little while, hopefully before the year 2008 is over.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Gojo Little Africa for dinner. I am actually very surprised that there aren’t a lot of restaurants between 12th and 14th Avenue on Commercial. That area is really underrated. It should get way more business, in my humble opinion.

Degan is an absolute pleasure to hang out with, she is really a lot of fun, very easygoing and really easy to get along with and I definitely see this as the first of many adventures of us two in our role as Vancouver’s food bloggers :) Hopefully more of them will join us next time!

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Maria LavisDecember 7th, 2008 at 11:53 pm

Ok, this is making me very hungry right now! Going to have to check it out soon. :)

[...] places and the only restaurant I hadn’t tried that served Ethiopian food was Gojo Little Africa. Read more… Ethiopian [...]

DagimNovember 26th, 2012 at 9:20 pm

I may not be the right person to comment about my experience at Gojo Cafe because I am an Ethiopian and I am not new to Ethiopian food. I have been almost to all other Ethiopian restaurants and they are all great; but, Gojo is greater in its specialties, Dulet and Kitfo. Go and try it. No restaurant matches it, I bet you.

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