Farmstead Wines dinner contributes to “Help Save the UBC Farm” efforts

There are many reasons why I love the UBC Farm. First, I’m a UBC alumnus (Masters and PhD). Second, I’ve taught at UBC too. Third, I’m an enviro-geek. Fourth, the UBC Farm is considered the last working urban farm in Vancouver, and it may be in danger of being transformed and urbanized.

The UBC Farm is a 24 hectare learning and research farm located on the University of British Columbia’s Campus in Vancouver, Canada. The farm is student-driven and integrated with the wider community. As the only working farmland within the city of Vancouver, the UBC Farm is an urban agrarian gem, featuring a landscape of unique beauty.[About the UBC Farm]

The phenomenon of transforming agricultural land into bedroom communities is not new. Research has shown that increasing pressure for residential use leads to changes in zoning and land policy that reduce how much land is available for agricultural use (if you’re interested, I can point you out to some academic articles on the subject). My own PhD research focused on industrial/urban transformation, so I read all about this body of literature as well.

Luckily, there are many people out there who are working really hard to help, groups like the Friends of the UBC Farm, and individuals such as Anthony Nicalo (Farmstead Wines), whom I consider a friend, and whom I admire for his passion for sustainability. Anthony recently hosted a dinner to raise funds to help save the UBC Farm, and from what I read on the Farmstead blog, it was a great success!

Congratulations, Anthony, and thank you for contributing to such noble efforts.

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Comments (3)

GraceNovember 28th, 2008 at 1:24 pm

I grew up near the UBC Farm–it’s so much more than a farm. It’s the center of a community, and a place for memories old and new.

I’m also lucky enough to know the couple behind Farmstead Wines. It’s an AWESOME organization, truly committed to protecting the earth and our collective sense of community. They’re not just do-gooders–the wine is delicious. That’s my biased but genuine 2 cents.

Thanks for a great post, Raul!

nancy (aka money coach)November 29th, 2008 at 12:21 am

sheesh I had no idea that now even *that* area of UBC was on the defensive. How depressing. And kudos to the Farmstead Wines people for stepping in there.

Anthony NicaloDecember 1st, 2008 at 10:17 am

Thanks for supporting the Farm, Raul. The two events we hosted with Barbara-jo of Books to Cooks raised around $2500. The real strength of the Save the Farm Campaign came from the friends of the farm and countless volunteers and supporters who helped spread the word. The prospects of maintaining the Farm in its existing size and location are looking better and better.

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