The relevance of the American election for Canada

So I’ve been wondering about this point recently (and I recognize that I haven’t written much political stuff recently, with the exception of my posts asking Canadians for more interest in the Canadian Federal electionis it true that the American election is much more relevant for Canadians than the recent Prime Minister election? I sure would hope not. I understand where people come from when they say this, but truthfully – despite the economic and political (worldwide) power that the United States hold, and its inextricable relationship with Canada, I don’t think that the international arena (and particularly, the elections in ONE country) are supposed to be MORE relevant to its neighbouring country than the election of the one person who is supposed to lead the country.

For example, I can assure you that for Mexicans, the election of President Felipe Calderon and the comings and goings were WAY more important (and are WAY more relevant for Mexican society) than what’s going on in the United States, despite that it is its largest trading partner. I agree, this 2008 presidential election is going to be a watershed moment. This is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see either the rise of an African American to the Presidency or a woman to the Vice-Presidency (with the chance that potentially, she could become the first female President).

But let’s keep things in perspective. Regardless of who wins the election, Canada will still have to deal with the decisions that the Prime Minister Stephen Harper is going to take, and the domestic political and economic dynamics. Surely, these dynamics will be INFLUENCED but not DICTATED by what is happening in the United States.

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