Restaurant review – Sushi Maro (Yaletown)

Karen and I hadn’t seen each other in ages (well, not really… only since she invited me to brunch for Pride) and even though we are both involved in the Vancouver tech community, for some reason sometimes we don’t coincide at the same events. At any rate, she wanted to meet before the BarCamp Vancouver 2008 organizational meeting (SIDE NOTE – BarCamp happens this coming Friday/Saturday, Sep 26/27) and so we decided on a downtown meet place.

While I rejected any sushi for about three years while I recovered from a painful breakup, I am now again a fan of sushi, as you can see from my posts reviewing Kirin Sushi in New Westminster, all the Kishu’s in town (Kishu Mountain and Kishu River), and Kaide Sushi in Yaletown, to name but a few.

I had never been to Sushi Maro but since Karen suggested a Yaletown location (and that works fine with me as the BarCamp meeting is in Gastown) I thought “heck, why not? …. a chance to meet a good friend and a potential restaurant review”.

We both had the $ 7.00 special (18 pieces of sushi and a miso soup). While some people may think that it’s not such a great idea to eat at those “hole in the wall” kind of sushi places, I really enjoyed the sushi, it’s great food and I am definitely not going to complain. I would come back to Sushi Maro any day.

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Comments (4)

DonSeptember 18th, 2008 at 2:08 pm

NOOOOO! Raulie don’t be telling anyone else about reasonably priced dining options in Yaletown. They are mine, all mine, just for me!

Urban DwellerSeptember 18th, 2008 at 2:28 pm

Yes this place is fantastic. I dine there from time to time. Nice review

RaulSeptember 24th, 2008 at 1:01 pm

@ Don – Sorry Don! Not intentionally I swear :D

@ Urban Dweller – It’s a great place, I didn’t know about it until Karen told me!

Corey RollinsJuly 29th, 2013 at 2:41 pm

A little heart broken. I loved this place. Have been going there for about half a year for lunch. Got terrible food poisoning from them on Friday. The only other thing I had that day was plain Oatmeal 3 hours prior, so it’s not hard to narrow down what caused me to spend two days puking. About 2 hours after eating it, I could tell I was about to be hit with it.

I tried writing them online, they never responded. Dunno what they could say to make me go back anyways, my stomach is traumatized after that. For what it’s worth, I ordered a “new roll combo.”

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