Theatre review – Metamorphoses at the Pacific Theatre

On my daily commute towards the university, back when I used to live in what is now called the South Granville area, I would walk past the Pacific Theatre and wonder whether I would ever attend an event there. Despite being so close to my house, I rarely ventured here. And last night, I had the pleasure of attending the play “Metamorphoses: Greek Myths Reflected In a Modern Pool“, directed by Christine Willes. Both Rebecca and Karen (and her husband) were in attendance.

Since my life has been in turmoil in the past few weeks, I didn’t clue in that Metamorphoses was based on Ovid’s Metamorphoses. As a Greek mythology buff (I once wanted to win a national contest and therefore studied hundreds of stories, scoured everything you could read from the Ilyad to the Odyssey to the Eneid and tried to absorb it), Metamorphoses hit me right in the heart.

This contemporary remaking of Metamorphoses takes place in a pool, and modernizes the events from the past. Anyone who has read Greek mythology in thorough detail will be able to recognize many of the stories. In this new version, Phaeton wants to drive his Dad’s car (whereas in the traditional version, he brags that he is the son of the Sun god and wants to drive his Dad’s chariot, the sun – an absolutely apt metaphor!)

While slightly on the long-ish side (runs for 1.5 hours) I found the play engaging, energetic, the actors were simply outstanding, and of course, each one of the tales resonated with my inner child. Remember the story of Alcyone and Ceyx, where Alcyone was so grief-stricken by the drowning of her husband that she threw herself into the sea? Or the ill-fated love story of Eurydice and Orpheus?

I particularly liked the story of Eros and Psyche, as this duality hits home with me all the time [my Dad once told me that my capacity to think was only surpassed by my capacity to love]. Every one of us has that duality in varying degrees, where our emotions can overtake the rationality of our thought processes.

Photo Credit: Pink Monkey Studios.

Metamorphoses is an excellent production whose thematic thread is love in all its forms. I encourage you to see it, highly recommended. The skill, agility and audacity of the actors involved in the production makes the 1.5 hours absolutely worth it. And if you haven’t done so, you may want to brush up on your Greek mythology beforehand. It will make the play so much more interesting. But you don’t need to know any Greek mythology to enjoy it.

Metamorphoses runs until August 16th at the Pacific Theatre. You can check the Facebook event here. And read Rebecca’s review here and The Province’s review here.

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