Jully Black at the Surrey Fusion Festival

I had a chance to go to the Surrey Fusion Festival (Rebecca has awesome write-ups on the Festival here and here) with JT. This is not precisely his scene, but he knew it was important for me to go so we ended up going there on Sunday afternoon. It was a really nice experience overall because, even though our Sunday nights are usually very chill, we rarely get to attend this kind of festival (unless it’s summer).

We quickly discovered that the Maps app for iPhone is static and not dynamic, as we were so enthralled in our conversation that he forgot to turn as indicated by the app, so I had to basically navigate the rest of the way until we hit Holland Park (also aided by my own personal navigator, Rebecca, who knows the city well).

We spent a few hours at the Festival, until we got a chance to hear Jully Black. I didn’t recall that I had ever heard her sing until I listened to a couple of tracks on her website. But the one that she performed live and that I absolutely loved was “DJ Play My Song”, and the video for that song is presented here.


As JT was very tired from the city drive, I drove back (which is not unusual for me, since I am used to drive everyone everywhere, although I do not own a car in Vancouver, I am usually the designated driver, particularly because of my hummingbird-like personality, I tend to have a lot of energy and be very focused when I drive). It was a very pleasant drive back, as the traffic through Surrey, New Westminster, Burnaby and Vancouver wasn’t really all that crammed.

I took the King George Highway, crossed the Patullo bridge and then took Royal (crossing all New Westminster) until I hit South Burnaby, and then just took Marine Drive until I hit Main. Very pleasant also because JT got a chance to look at the new housing developments, and stuff like that while I was the one driving this time. I don’t think I tell him enough how much I appreciate that he drives, and he doesn’t get to enjoy the views I do. But I guess in the next few months I’ll be doing more of the driving.

UPDATE – The original video is no longer available. Grrr. Have checked other source. The one that I re-inserted seems to work.

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lucAugust 1st, 2008 at 9:47 am

this video is no longer available

RaulAugust 1st, 2008 at 9:51 am

GRRRR. Who erased the video before any of my readers could see it!??!?!?

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