Why you should give us MacBook Pros – Guest post by Dr. Beth Snow

This guest post was written and contributed by Dr. Beth Snow from Not to be Trusted With Knives. Dr. Snow was also the official BlogHer correspondant for Miss604.com and you can find her guest posts here

Well, apparently this guest blog posting thing is catching. Last week I was the official BlogHer 2008 correspondent for Miss604.com, and now here I am on Hummingbird604.com. Now I feel out of sorts because I’m not a 6041.But I digress.

First, I’d like to give props to Dr. Raul for supporting the BC Cancer Agency through this 24 hr Blogathon. It’s a really great cause, so it would be wicked awesome if you could donate to the BCCA.

Now, what to blog about, what to blog about. Hmmm…. Ah, yes. I know. I’m going to blog about why you should give me & Raul MacBook Pros. No, really. You should.

As regular readers of HB604 know, Raul’s dream is to own a MacBook Pro. And this is something that R and I share in common, along with our tech geek neophyte status, the fact that we are bloggers, our lengthy time in grad school and resultant crushing student debts2, and our respective ownership of crappy, crappy PC latops.3. And these commonalities are, in fact, all related to why you should give us MacBook Pros. Our geek neophyte (a.k.a. techy geeks-in-training) status means that we like to hang around with grade A geeks. All of whom have Macs. And who look at our sad little PCs and shake their heads. Who answer our questions of “Why won’t my laptop connect to the wifi/run this cool program/stop giving me the blue screen of death?” with a shrug and a “Well, it’s not a Mac, is it?” We really do need each need a Mac if we ever wish to transcend the rank of geek neophyte. So why don’t we just buy ourselves ones, you ask? Well, the answer to that starts with a “c” and ends with a “-rushing student debt.” And since we both have blogs we would totally blog about how awesome you are if you gave us MacBook Pros. And then it would be written on the Internets that you are awesome. Which would make it doubly true, given that, as everyone knows, everything on the Internets is true4.

So, as I see it, there’s no reason not to give us MacBook Pros.

1As I don’t have a 604 number anymore, ever since I ditched my landline and went solely mobile. All the cool kids have 604s.
2I actually have no idea if R has a crushing level of student loan debt, or even if R has student debt at all, but I like to tell myself that I can’t be the only one. Editor’s note – YES, I DO have a crushing level of student debt!
3And before you say it, I know that saying both “crappy” and “PC” is redundant.
4The fact that everything on the Internets is true must be true because you just read it on the Internets and, as you may recall from earlier in this sentence, everything written on the Internets is true.a Q.E.D.
aThis joke was stolen from was adapted from is an homage to the great Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A. And he’s a doctor and I’m a doctor and Raul’s a doctor, so it’s totally legit. No, really.

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Danny DangJuly 26th, 2008 at 12:21 am

I want a MacBook Pro too ;)

Monica HamburgJuly 26th, 2008 at 12:36 am

I still have a crushing student loan debt (no need to get into how long ago I got out of school). Don’t let anyone tell you differently: Acting is not a fiscally responsible career choice. Really.

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