Third Tuesday with Joe Solomon – that is today, Tuesday!

Yesterday I was complaining to Arieanna that my laptop had died right there and then (at Waves in Lonsdale). However, as it turns out, it did not die just yet. I figured out what was wrong, at least with the screen and for a short while. I *might* dare and bring it to Third Tuesday, which (as you may know) will be liveblogged for local blogging powerhouse and media maven, Rebecca Bollwitt aka Miss604. She has door prizes! Drop a card or a comment on her blog and she’ll enter you into the draw. I wish she automatically entered me into every draw she does. Isn’t there like a TwitterFeedForMiss604Contests already? ;)

I *might* liveblog Joe’s talk but if I can’t, I will most certainly do a recap. Do me a favor, though. If you follow me on Twitter, or read my blog, please make sure to introduce yourself in person. I will be wearing a lanyard with my name, so it will be REALLY easy to spot me. And I’m quite friendly, so don’t worry about the awkwardness of introductions. If you’re following me on Twitter or you read my blog, it’s almost 100% I have read your blog or at least your Twitter stream, so there will be something to talk about.

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