National Hunger Awareness Day 2008

I am very proud of Rebecca’s extraordinary efforts to raise awareness on the need to support local (e.g. Metro Vancouver) food banks. It is always a challenge to pick one single cause or charity to blog about, and I am right now struggling about the decision on which charity to support for Blogathon 2008 (yes, I think we are doing it, as Rebecca is taking it upon herself to organize – I will be happy to provide co-organization support, plus I’ll blogathon as well).

At any rate, with all the comings and goings around this city, I am not sure how I managed to overlook National Hunger Awareness Day.

The mission of National Hunger Awareness Day is to tell the story of the food banks and the people who use them. The goal of the Hunger Awareness Day movement is to raise awareness about the solvable problem of hunger in Canada.[NHAD website]

I am VERY lucky in the fact that, despite how tight my budget has been in recent months, I have always managed to eat well and have never failed to put food on the table. As JT very appropriately says, I may live in a modest residence and be cautious with my money but I don’t live a really frugal life. I’m eternally grateful for that, and I try to live my life to the fullest for that same reason.

Please consider donating to local food banks, your efforts will make a difference in people’s lives.

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