Launch Party Vancouver 4 was outstanding!

Despite the fact that I’ve been blogging since April of 2006, I only got really serious after Rebecca gently nudged me towards participating in Blogathon 2007. Nevertheless, it has only been since January of 2008 that I have seriously started to socialize and mingle with the social media folks (that’s why some of you think that I’ve just appeared out of nowhere – but no, I’ve been here all along!). As someone said, “better late than never“, so now I am trying to show up to these events. Naturally, I had been waiting for Launch Party Vancouver 4 with baited breath.

I had heard rave reviews about these parties, particularly from our local blogging powerhouse Rebecca Bollwitt [and my Blogging Jedi Master] (Miss604) and knew that many of my friends would show up, so I couldn’t miss it. Besides, it is a rare occasion that I get to see many of my blogosphere folks two or three times in a row in the same week (I hope they don’t get tired of me by the time Saturday comes, as I was planning to organize a brunch this weekend!).


So what IS Launch Party Vancouver 4? Well, how about I let the organizers tell you?

Launch Party Vancouver is a lively mixer for the city’s brightest entrepreneurs, tech junkies, and bloggers, who are doing it, have done it or want to make their ideas happen here. The goal of the event is to connect BC’s growing community of Internet and new media leaders with investors and other trailblazers across Canada and abroad.

Founded by local entrepreneurs, LPV is not your typical networking event. There are no presentations or panels to be found. But what you will discover are the individuals responsible for making Vancouver one of the greatest start-up cities in Canada. Every event features local, early stage new media companies strutting their stuff and sharing their ideas with the community.


I had the pleasure of (FINALLY!) meeting Jordan Behan and Maura Rodgers, both with Strutta. Surprisingly, I don’t think I had a chance to chat with Danny Robinson, but there will be plenty of opportunities in the near future, I’m sure.

Last night was also the opportunity to meet other great gurus from the social media scene, people I had heard about a lot. Of course, my friends and usual suspects were also there, including Rastin, Ash, Gus, Rebecca, John, Duane, Karen, Colleen, Arieanna and Ianiv, Monica, Jonathon, Jenn, Nadia, Lisa, Phillip, David, Tod. I missed some of the folks who I am sure would have made it if they had been able to, including (but not limited to) Beth, Tanya, Trevor, Tyler and Jeremy.

I only briefly attended the StartUp Career Fair, sponsored by TechVibes, although by the looks of it (and the large number of demos being shown throughout LPV4), I would say it was great.

Had the pleasure of (FINALLY!) meeting Boris Mann, one of the pillars in the local tech community, and someone I had heard about so many times, but never got around meeting (which is kind of unusual as I have become more acquainted with the tech folks recently). Boris introduced me to a really neat application – basically, the general public can text a specific phone number and their message appears on a screen. Kind of Twitter for those who do not have a Twitter account. I find this application fascinating, as it would allow civilians (that’s how I call non-bloggers) to reach you (the blogger) or a large audience without having to Twitter. Oh, the possibilities are limitless!

LP VidFest-03
Boris showing the demo.

Side note – Now I do know the reason why many people have just started to get to know me (and kudos to Rebecca and Karen, as it was through conversations with both of them that I have finally figured it out): I missed Northern Voice 2008 (because of too much work on the massive project!). Had I gone to NV ’08, my life would have been so much easier as I would’ve met a gazillion local bloggers/tech people in the same place. Totally my fault, nobody else’s.

Had a really awesome conversation with Rob Lewis from TechVibes and Steve Jagger from Reachd, basically ranging from tech startups to how I plan to meld my sustainability and environmental studies training with social media.

I had also been wanting to see Rochelle Grayson (Twemes), whom I hadn’t seen since the last Vancouver Tweetup. Always a pleasure, of course (and a privilege considering that this week I get to chat with these folks three times in a row!). Here is Rochelle with Darren Barefoot.


As I was leaving Republic, I was lucky enough to meet Kris Krug, another local blogosphere star and one of the best photographers I know. Kris (or kk+ as I’ve often seen him referred to) was really nice and most definitely would like to chat more in the near future with him, as I have loved his work for a long while. I had to leave the party relatively early because I was exhausted. It’s been a really long couple of days, and the week isn’t even over. I didn’t even make it to Green Drinks! Oh well, next time. LPV4 was a great experience, and look forward to the next one!

UPDATE – Rebecca has a fabulous photo recap post… and yours truly is in there with the blogging Jedi master! :)

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maurarodgersMay 22nd, 2008 at 12:11 pm

Raul, so nice to finally meet you. I will have to practice my dance moves before LPV5 on June 24. Our last one before we break for summer. Hope you can make it out!

Steve Jagger - UbertorMay 22nd, 2008 at 12:30 pm

Hi Raul,
Good chatting with you.
See you around the net.

JordanMay 22nd, 2008 at 1:45 pm

It was great to finally meet you!

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