What my weekend looked like

You all know of the wonderful dinner at La Bodega that my friend Rebecca organized on Thursday where even my friends LM and MAG came and joined, so I’ll move on to Friday. Friday was an absolutely amazing day. JT and I went for brunch to Arms Reach Bistro in Deep Cove (North Vancouver), and then proceeded to run a few errands, including (yes, I did it!) buying a new cell phone. FINALLY.

My Friday evenings are generally reserved for C, B and L (they used to include J but now he is in a neighbor province so he’s not coming to our dinners for a while), so there wasn’t much negotiation to be had – everybody knows that I usually hang out with them on Fridays, so we just needed to settle on the actual location where to eat. C, B and L took me out to dinner to Incendio West, which is one of my favorite restaurants. Good times. And there was much rejoicing! It has been a really amazing weekend. The weather has cooperated, and I feel really privileged to be in the care of so many great people. Anyway, after dinner we scooted over to Cheesecake Etc.


I had heard about this place many a time, but being a fan of True Confections and Death by Chocolate, I almost never come here. Besides, as you all know, I HATE CHEESE. However, for some bizarre reason, I *love* cheesecake (contrast that to my good friend HZ who LOVES cheese but couldn’t care less for cheesecake… go figure).

To get to Cheesecake Etc., we walked along the train tracks (I am not 100% sure if they’re on 6th or 7th Avenue, they might be on 6th) and noticed some beautiful urban gardens. This is something that amazes me – how people can be so creative and make beauty out of … well, train tracks!

7th Avenue urban gardens

After dinner and cheesecake, L and I went over to Tanya’s for some RockBand and martinis.

Saturday morning, I took a “Raul morning” and simply puttered around my apartment. Early in the afternoon, I met up with Nancy and we went to Trout Lake for a walk, where we bumped into our friends Monica Hamburg and Chris. We were both hoping to meet with Al Pasternak (aka Bokashiman) as we figured he would be having a booth at the Farmers Market, but we didn’t find him (we later learned that he had was joining a bit later in the summer).

Trout Lake

Saturday evening, my friends A, H, C and M took me out to dinner to the Red Sea Cafe. Of course, Ethiopian/Eritrean food. Why did I pick this restaurant? Many reasons. I love the food, it is some sort of tradition to bring my close friends here, eating Ethiopian food is very social as everybody just digs in, and the owners are outstandingly friendly.

Ethiopian dinner at Red Sea Cafe

Dinner was then followed by drinks and dessert at The Whip on Main and 6th. We shared about three pitchers of sangria (the virtuous sangrias hehehe – I think we had Justice, Prudence and I forget the third). I also had molten cake, which you should know – comes in a VERY HOT small container (yes I burned my fingertip – no I didn’t figure it was very hot!). Overall, an absolutely enjoyable evening. One thing I felt bad about was that by the time we hit 10pm, I was fading fast. I haven’t had my usual, 16 hour-days kind of energy, so I had to excuse myself (and my friends were super sweet in that they said “you’ve been working really hard so you seem to be fading – go home and rest“).

Sunday morning, I took yet another “Raul morning” and went for breakfast to The Nice Cafe all by my lonesome. Yes, the always social, super-friendly, networked hummingbird decided to take the morning for himself… how rare! I should note that I had tried to organize a brunch Tweetup, but I didn’t get enough responses so I simply canceled it and decided instead to take the morning for myself.

My Sunday evenings are reserved to hang out with JT, so we headed out to Burnaby’s Central Park and Westburn Park. Really low key evening I would say, and since I rarely venture to Burnaby, it was nice to just have a nice stroll in the park, order in for dinner and watch movies.

Westburn Park 1

So, that’s what my weekend look like. It may look like a lot of activities, but well… this is the LIGHT version of my usual weekends (with two mornings all to myself, which is is rather unusual). Today I’m going for lunch with K, R, L and W to The Red Onion and then, the afternoon/evening most likely will be working away. You might ask yourselves – why are you working on a holiday? Well, have you seen the weather out there? No reason really to try and go suntan, right?

This is what my weekend looked like, so… in a very similar fashion to my good friend Tanya‘s question – what did YOU get up to this weekend?

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nancy (aka money coach)May 19th, 2008 at 9:34 am

in addition to our fun Sat afternoon, i went to IKEA on Sunday. Alas, the bed that looked so great on the internet looked a bit … chintzy… in real life so I didn’t make a purchase. But visiting IKEA is always fun.

ThomassoMay 19th, 2008 at 12:55 pm

Sounds like a great weekend–with the exception of today–the long weekend. Though the weather prognosticators are calling for a return to the cloudless skies, warming temperatures and killer high UV indexes starting Thursday!

Matt CollingeMay 19th, 2008 at 10:37 pm

Funnily enough I was at Trout Lake at the same time as you and Nancy and Chris and Monica. We we over at the baseball diamonds for a Little League tournament. That pretty much sucked up most of the week, but also got a run along the SE False Creek Seawall with wife and 3 kids (2 in stroller, 1 on bike) and went to Metrotown for the Old Navy this evening, which may have been a mistake.

RaulMay 19th, 2008 at 10:56 pm

@ Nancy – I *heart* IKEA ;)

@ Thomasso – I’ve put in a request for sunny skies for the rest of the week. Let’s hope the weather gods have time to fill in my request :)

@ Matt – You *have* my cell – why didn’t you text me or something (well, I figure you didn’t even think that we were there – ooops – sorry ;) my bad!)

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