Weekend roundup

I hadn’t written weekend roundups in a few weeks because my weekends were so full I sometimes even didn’t recall what I did (despite my photographic memory). Then I got sick for three weeks, so I wasn’t really feeling up to writing. But now I can quickly summarize my weekend. Friday I worked most of the day at home (freaky weather – it snowed!) and then hung out with my good friend SF. I had missed her so much! Now that she lives in Montreal, a visit from her is such a treat!

As you may have read, I took Friday night off all by my lonesome, which was very nice. Saturday (after going to sleep at 7.45 am, don’t ask me why), I spent most of the afternoon working on a paper until it was time to head to BB’s.

It was such an enjoyable night, with BB’s sister and boyfriend, JN, LB, SF, BS, HZ and of course yours truly. Abundant drinks and munchies were consumed, and there was much rejoicing. It had been way too long since we last hung out as a group, and we really ought to do that more often.

As for Sunday, the day was beautiful but I had been locked inside trying to finish a paper, but luckily the sun is so bright that I am writing this paper and my home office (so to speak) is so well illuminated that I don’t need to turn on a light. Awesome! Hope your weekend was great too!

UPDATE – You might be wondering why I posted a recap of a weekend that is already past when the weekend is almost here (two days until Friday!). Well… I want to post it for posterity, as I have a bunch of great friends who’d love to read it. So there…

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