Not that I’m endorsing a product, but…

Given that my lower teeth are crooked, I require much more dental care and attention than most people. Not only do I have to floss, but I also need to frequently brush my teeth. Sometimes, since I’m always busy, I forget to do that (or I’m on the road). Therefore, at times I suffer from gingivitis and/or bad breath.

Tonight, just before writing this post, I figured it was time to come back to my normal dental cleaning routine. When I am away, I can’t really do as much as I do here (brush my teeth, floss, use plaque remover, and apply a water-jet cleanser). I don’t have any reasons to do commercial endorsements (since I make no money out of this blog), but I have to say that Waterpik has definitely given my gums and teeth a great treatment.

Why do I use a water jet? Because the dentist prescribed it to me. But I specifically use Waterpik because my brother S suggested it (he used it when he had gingivitis and it helped him a lot). And since he’s the one who bought the water jet for me, I figured I owed it to him to at least try it. And it’s done wonders for my mouth’s hygiene.

The one I use is a counter top dental water jet, but I’ve always been tempted to buy a cordless one. But since I usually brush my teeth at home in the morning and evening, I figure I will see how well I do without the cordless. Remember to always visit your dentist at least once every six months.

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