The Main Street (South Main – Mount Pleasant) night scene

So K and I were having drinks (belated birthday celebration) at The Cascade Room and we were discussing how some people who live west of Main Street are somewhat reluctant to come to the East Side of Vancouver, despite how ‘up and coming’ the area may be. I agree that this might be the case at night, sometimes, but it all depends on what you are looking for. So I thought I’d do a summary of the places where I think people can spend some time when out on the town. In no particular order, here are my suggestions for things to do at night…

The Cascade Room - I have reviewed this restaurant before, and I am still as impressed as I was on the first day. The service this time was excellent as I expected, the drinks were right on and we had the chance to chat with Wendy (one of the co-owners) for a bit. The Cascade Room is a place to hang out, have dinner, drinks, spend time, you know… no pressure. The food menu is comforting, it’s not something that has to be sophisticated. The decor is excellent, and the music level is just right. Main and 10th Avenue.

The Main – I have only tried The Main at brunch and on a week night for beers. The place is awesome and I’ve been told they have live music, so I would strongly recommend it. Main and 27th-ish.

The Reef - I’ve been to The Reef for dinner and drinks (though not sure if I’ve written a restaurant review yet). The food is Jamaican-Caribbean-oriented and the drinks are to-die-for. Main and King Edward-ish.

Public Lounge & Eatery - This is a small place, but with a nice patio – I’ve been to Public for a drink with Nomade Moderne, though we didn’t stay for long. Came back for another drink on my own. Pleasant atmosphere, though I am always tempted to go back for (strangely enough) dessert. Main and 17th-ish. [I approve of their website - Public Lounge - I am not sure the 'Eatery' should be included in the name, but since I'm not the owner, I have no say]

The Whip Restaurant Gallery - Oh yeah. The Whip has a generous patio, awesome decor (local artists) and great drinks. The food menu is a bit upscale, as my review indicates. Hipster hangout. Main and 6th Avenue (on 6th, actually). [As with Public, I'd be happier if it was only named 'The Whip' - since I'm not the owner nor management, I have no say]

Rhizome – You might be surprised since they have a brunch menu that has items that are beyond your wildest dreams, but Rhizome also hosts events in the evening. This relaxed, chill hangout place has created a wonderful and welcoming atmosphere for queer and queer-friendly folks in East Vancouver. Often have Queer Board Games and speed-dating parties. Broadway and Scotia-ish [almost kitty-corner from Kingsgate Mall]. My review only includes brunch.

The Anza Club - For sure, anyone who prides him/herself in knowing the Mount Pleasant area should know that the Anza Club is one heck of a place to go partying. Lounge and Main areas, and they host another queer-friendly event (Bent) on (I think) the third Thursday of the month. I might be wrong with the dates. Excellent website with a bit of history.

SoMa – We all cried foul when SoMa closed (the Flickr PhotoStream of Caterina shows you what it looked like inside before moving from Main St. near Broadway to 8th Avenue near Main St.) — well, I discovered that they are now licensed, open late at night, and the place is comfy and has a nice atmosphere. I’ll have to check it out.

NOTE – I didn’t include coffee shops (obviously one type of place where people can hang out) because I wanted to highlight those places that may serve liquor, SoMa being the only exception I know (a coffee shop or former coffee shop that now serves – if I am not mistaken – alcohol).
And apparently I wasn’t mistaken.

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