Viva Mexico!

I didn’t attend any of the Mexican Independence Day celebrations in Vancouver, although I did try to find some scoop (by the way, did anybody go? How was it?) for a lot of people in Vancouver (I am assuming, either Mexican or of Mexican heritage) who were desperately Googling for information. I walked by Zocalo on Main Street and apparently there was some sort of celebration. At any rate, Feliz Dia de la Independencia y que viva Mexico!


By the way, Rebecca @ invited me to do a guest blog post on Mexican food in Vancouver! I felt very honored and flattered, and I do hope that my suggestions are helpful. Mosey over to her blog to find my guest post. Thanks Rebecca!

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[...] the Independence Day while they are away?”. Last year I found some information (see my posts here and here) and this year, I remembered that “September is the month of the [...]

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