Music review – Downfall by matchbox twenty

Moving to Canada meant for me a profound transformation of my musical tastes. I first started listening to groups such as matchbox twenty, The Tragically Hip and the Matthew Good Band and Muse. Admittedly, only Tragically Hip and Matthew Good Band are really Canadian, but these bands I mentioned have started to shape my taste for rock bands.

The lyrics of Downfall by matchbox twenty (actually most of any of their stuff I’ve heard) are somewhat annoying for me because I find them portraying co-dependent people (e.g. “Be my savior and I’ll be your downfall”). Excuse me? I’ll be your downfall“? No, no, no! I pride myself in not being co-dependent. That’s why I don’t like the vast majority of their lyrics. I have the same feeling with “Bent”.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I love their music. This is awesome rock. If I ever get a chance to sing with a live band, I want to sing this song. The version you can appreciate here is sung live. I can tell you this much: it sounds exactly like the version I have from their 2004 album. That’s really rare, that a band sounds the same live than non-live.

The video starts here.

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