Blogathon 2007

Well, it’s going to happen. After hearing that would be blogging for Surrey Food Bank and learning that I could do some good as well, I decided to join Blogathon 2007. I will be blogging for A Loving Spoonful (Vancouver) (they don’t know just yet. I haven’t yet sent them an e-mail saying I would). So, while my profile is still getting set up, I thought I’d just tell you a bit about Blogathon and give you the URL to my sponsor page.

Blogathon is an effort to make a difference through blogging. Bloggers all over the world will be blogging for a specific charity. In my case, I chose A Loving Spoonful because I believe that this charity makes a difference. They deliver meals for people living with HIV/AIDS in the Vancouver area. I remember that I learned about A Loving Spoonful at the Elbow Room, a wonderful diner located on Davie and almost Seymour. Their owners require you to make a donation if you don’t finish your (usually huge) meal.

Since I am just setting up my account, I can’t do the beautiful buttons where you can click and sponsor me, so I’ll just have to go with … if you want to sponsor me and contribute to the charity of my choice (A Loving Spoonful), click here.

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