Restaurant review – Cactus Club Cafe (Various locations, Vancouver)

I have previously reviewed Earls on Robson, and Milestones. In both reviews I briefly mentioned the Cactus Club but never got to write a specific review. It would be unfair for me not to do a review since I’ve been a customer of numerous locations. First, I would like to say that I have been to the Broadway and Granville site many, many times. The second most popular location for my friends is Broadway and Ash. The third location is on Robson and I think just past Thurlow (across from Milestone’s on Robson). I can’t recall if I have been to Cactus Club in Yaletown (but I just remembered that I have indeed visited Milestone’s on Hamilton – I think?)

Anyhow, Cactus Club is a consistently reliable restaurant. Not expensive, not cheap. But to be quite frank, they have one of the best jambalayas you’ll ever eat. I’ve had lots of salmon dishes there, curry plates and my brother loves their fajitas. If you need to take someone out to dinner I’d recommend Cactus Club. You’ll get lots of good food. Ah, their slushy drinks are excellent. And you can’t help but wonder how can so many hot people work in this restaurant!

Note to those who are uninitiated. Cactus Club is not really a cafe. It’s a full-blown restaurant.

Cactus Club Cafe in Vancouver

UPDATE – I didn’t include all the gadgets from Urban Spoon because there are way too many locations. All of them are good ;)

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