Restaurant review – Mogadishu Cafe

I have a good friend who lives near my place in East Vancouver and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to visit all the neighborhood restaurants that we can. Clearly, this was a long overdue visit.

The Mogadishu Cafe is located on Broadway between Carolina and Fraser St. The cuisine is Somali and the service is super friendly. The place is very clean and the portions are SUPER abundant. You can have dinner for two with $ 20 dollars. I am so not kidding you. You will not even have dessert.

Somali cuisine is (like Ethiopean/Eritrean cuisine) very much based in stews. We didn’t have any injera this time but we didn’t need it. The meat and chicken dishes had plenty of veggies, rice and vermicelli. I would definitely go back to Mogadishu Cafe!

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